‘The Night’ by Raquel

Read ‘The Night’ written by In My Backyard Intern, Raquel who was inspired by LGBT culture.

The Night 

I thank you for the fight,

Against our oppressors.

Thank you for the rights

That you gave me, 

but had to take for yourself.

I thank you for protesting in the night;

Your skin glistened, 

Your pride shined, 

As you resisted

Underneath that neon sign. 


I chose the NPS site because I am very much interested in LGBT culture right now. I have gained some freedom from people in my life that restricted what I could and could not search online, so I am researching as much as I can with the time that I have. The purpose of this site is to honor all the lives lost and all those who fought for the rights of minority not welcomed by the U.S. It is supposed to commemorate the risk everyone took the night the Stonewall riots began and marked the beginning of the Civil Rights Movement in the 1960s. 

I chose to write a poem, though initial I was going to do a sculpture. I decided that with the limited time I had, it would not be enough to create a 3d piece of art good enough for this piece of history. The people at Stonewall turned a bigoted police raid into the largest civils rights movement in U.S. History. Even though the poem is short, I hope it conveys the never-ending thanks I have to those who rioted for giving the rights I have today. 


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