Things to Take Camping

If you read our other blog post about the 10 essentials, you know that there are certain things that are extremely important to bring while camping. However, you will probably bring more things than just the ten essentials. We thought it would be fun to mention some of the items that we like to bring while on camping trips. Without further ado, our list of “less than essential camping supplies.”

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Hiking Fashion: How to Look Good While Hiking a Mountain


Running shoes are usually appropriate for easy-moderate hikes

When preparing for a hiking or camping trip, choosing the right apparel to bring is just as important as packing the right amount of supplies such as food and water. Whether or not you are comfortable in your clothing will affect your overall spirits and safety throughout the day/week.
It can be overwhelming and expensive when you’re trying to figure out how to outfit yourself for a hike. You want to be comfortable and safe without spending a ton of money. Read the following for some tips and tricks of the trek!

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