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If you’re 13 – 27 years old and looking for a PAID summer internship with professional development opportunities, field trips around Seattle, and collaborating with the National Park Service, this is for you! We truly believe in tailoring every summer to reflect each cohort’s goals. Not only is this a PAID internship, but you have the opportunity to complete school volunteer hours/credit needed for graduation.


  1. NOW – We are currently planning the 2020 season. Submit your contact information above to be added to our email list. From this email list, we will share details on the 2020 program and how to apply.
  2. Early July 2020 – IMBY 2020 Season begins.
  3. Mid-August 2020 – IMBY 2020 Season concludes.
  4. Fall 2020 – IMBY 2020 Exhibit debut.


If you have questions about the 2020 IMBY Season, please email us at inmybackyard.nw@gmail.com and we will respond as soon as possible.