Apostle Islands with Marianne

The NPS Site I chose was Apostle Islands – a group of islands in Wisconsin. I chose this site because I loved the scenery at first sight, and after I researched the location some more, I discovered all the interesting stories that these islands have to tell. 

The Apostle Islands is a great place for scientific research on the local wildlife and ecosystem. One animal commonly found here is the bald eagle. Unfortunately, due to lead, PCB, and DDT contamination, they, as well as countless other wildlife, are harmed. During my research, I found that PCB and DDT were found in the feathers and blood of bald eagles even though these toxic contaminants were banned from the United States almost half a century ago. Apostle Islands is a reminder to everyone who visits the site of our history and our present with contaminants.

The art piece I created is a sticker of the Apostle Islands. In particular, the icy lake waters and ice caves interested me, and I wanted to recreate that on a sticker so that other people can appreciate the beauty of the Apostle Islands. Stickers are a great way to proudly show the things we love and share them with others. Nature is meant to be shared with others, and that is how I reflected the purpose of the Apostle Islands in my sticker.

Screen Shot 2020-08-25 at 10.18.38 AM



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