Twinny’s SMART Goals

S: To be able to figure out my schedule for fall quarter. I have a hold of my course schedule for UW, i’ve never had a schedule like it before. The classes are 2-3 times a week, there’s scheduled seminars and there’s scheduled test dates throughout a 3 month period which is a quarter. I suppose what I need to do is try to familiarize myself with the schedule and visualize what it’s like to practice it.

M: With the schedule I have to incorporate things i wanna do and things I have to do. I work part time as a server and I’d like to keep my job, just to have some money for myself. Then i also have to train with the National Guard one weekend a month, but that means I have to work out 2-3 times a week just to keep up with my fitness.

A: Need to figure out my work schedule in accordance with school and National Guard. I’ve been writing down my thoughts and how to approach the new school year as an incoming freshman by creating a weekly plan. Every sunday I try and set my week by setting a 7 day by 16 hr day chart and then I plan out my day. (image of spreadsheet for weekly scheduling)

R: This is important practice because I get distracted easily, off-track and I tend to procrastinate. So as a resolution i need to train myself to stay on track and really consider being serious about this even though I know it’s okay to cut myself slack to mess up and make constructive mistakes, So as an upcoming “ college student”, this will be a new challenge for me.

T: This is ongoing and needs continuous practice.


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