In the Shadow of the Mountain: Mount Rainier


For most perceptive Seattleites, Mount Rainier is a familiar sight. On a clear day the picturesque mountain graces our views. Mount Rainier National Park is a fabulous location for day hikes. Some of the In My Backyard team members went there for a day of hiking and research. There are several visitor centers at the park that serve as good starting points for hikes. We went to the Sunrise Visitor Center for our trip, but the Paradise Visitor Center is also a great location to begin a hike. Both of these visitor centers are starting points for many hiking trails that range in difficulty. Some of the hikes are super easy (even for me) and some of them are more challenging. At Sunrise, many of the hikes intersect so you can jump from hike to hike if you want to go to multiple locations.

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Trails & Rails

WP_20140723_006Early Wednesday morning Claire and I boarded the Coast Starlight line from Seattle’s King Street Station down to Portland, OR. The train ride was around four hours long and we were allowed a two-hour layover in Portland to grab some lunch. After the layover we headed back to Seattle. Our goal was to get idea of what Trails & Rails is about. Trails & Rails is an innovative partnership program between the National Park Service and Amtrak that provides rail passengers with educational opportunities about the history and geology of the landmarks they are visible on the ride to either Portland or Seattle. The Trails & Rails volunteer park rangers dedicate their entire day to teaching passengers and expressing their passion about the history of the area.

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