Trail Work and Hiking at Mount Baker Snoqualmie National Forest

Early Monday morning we, the interns, piled into cars to drive up to Denny Creek10522754_1455928201329377_1582051132992096586_n in Mount Baker Snoqualmie National Forest (MSNF). After a groggy shopping stop in North Bend, we arrived at the Franklin Falls trailhead. There we met Marta, a former telephone company employee who after retirement joined the Forest Service and now leads trail work parties. Marta instructed us on how to use a totter (mechanical wheelbarrow) since we were spreading gravel along the trail.  We worked with a Student Conservation Association high school trail crew to fill the totter and   buckets with gravel. When the gravel was dumped on the trail we raked it out which was surprisingly tiring. We ate lunch on a rock overlooking the river which only became a problem when a plastic cap fell in. Luckily we were able to save it with some quick maneuvering. After lunch we continued with the gravel work but took turns removing roots from the trail. I find trail work very gratifying since it’s easy to see the progress I’ve made.

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Introducing Sarah!

Dome of the Rock, Jerusalum

Hello everyone! I guess its time to officially introduce myself. I’m Sarah, another of the SCA interns working on the In My Backyard project this summer. Like my fellow interns, I am an outdoor enthusiast. I enjoy quite a range of outdoor sports, everything from cross-country skiing to rockclimbing to kayaking, and I’m always looking for more chances to get outside. The past three summers I have volunteered on SCA high school trail crews in Olympic NP, Palmer AK, and Humboldt Redwoods State Park CA. On top of learning how to build and maintain trails, I had a crash course in professional tree climbing, built a sweat lodge in an island in a river, and baked lots of bread in the backcountry. All in all, my trail crews were tons of fun!

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This is Natasha!

Hey there! I’m Natasha, the fourth and final intern here at Klondike Gold Rush NHP. I am a Seattlite at heart although I grew up in upstate NY until I was a teenager. However, Seattle and Washington state are what turned me into the outdoors enthusiast and conservationist I am today. I moved to Seattle and immediately started skiing, hiking, boating, and just getting outside. The mountains blew me away and the access to water seemed unreal.

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