Summer Lessons and Memories

This summer has been an adventure and a learning experience. As an avid hiker, spending my summer exploring and researching National Parks and other natural and cultural sites in Washington is a dream come true. I was not only fortunate enough to travel to multiple parks and sites in Washington State, but also gain a thorough understanding of the opportunities available for youth in the Evergreen State (most of which I did not know about when I was a “youth” myself). Although the number of opportunities that were available at parks and cultural sites amazed me, I realized that there are several components that hinder middle and high school-age students from accessing these opportunities.

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Naval Museum

For our return journey from Olympic National Park, we decided to take the Bremerton Ferr
y back to Seattle. While we waited for the ferry, we stumbled across a gem. Right next to the ferry entrance is the Puget Sound Naval Museum. This museum is a fantastic place to visit if you are in the area and it’s free! This stunning building is marked with tall white pillars that add a classic feeling. When we entered the museum, we were greeted by two incredibly knowledgeable volunteers that were both eager to help us. As we explored the museum one thought came to me that may surprise you: the museum is cute.

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SAM: That’s My Jam.


After grabbing some delicious coffee and breakfast at Caffe Ladro, the In My Backyard team made their way to the Seattle Art Museum (SAM). I say the In My Backyard team because almost all of the team member went, instead of just the interns. This was our first museum trip with so large of a crew and it was to get to see everyone and have fun together. When entering the SAM, the first thing that you will notice is the white cars, filled with exciting light fixtures, hanging from the ceiling. The fixture is quite the spectacle.

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Trails & Rails

WP_20140723_006Early Wednesday morning Claire and I boarded the Coast Starlight line from Seattle’s King Street Station down to Portland, OR. The train ride was around four hours long and we were allowed a two-hour layover in Portland to grab some lunch. After the layover we headed back to Seattle. Our goal was to get idea of what Trails & Rails is about. Trails & Rails is an innovative partnership program between the National Park Service and Amtrak that provides rail passengers with educational opportunities about the history and geology of the landmarks they are visible on the ride to either Portland or Seattle. The Trails & Rails volunteer park rangers dedicate their entire day to teaching passengers and expressing their passion about the history of the area.

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Meet Claire!

Hiking and trying to be trendy

Well hello there friends! My name is Claire and I am one of the four SCA interns working on the In My Backyard project. I am going into my junior year at Santa Clara University and I am an Environmental Science major with a physics emphasis and a Theatre minor. I was born and raised in Seattle which probably contributed to my everlasting love of the outdoors. When I was a kid I would frolic through the vast yard of my childhood home. I loved to watch the wind rush through the trees and feel the rain on my skin. However, if you asked my parents if I was an “outdoorsy”kid they would laugh and say no. I really did love being outside, but whenever we went camping some disaster would strike like the time I managed to get a 102 degree fever in the middle of an 8 mile hike or the time I got hypothermia on one of the San Juan Islands when our tent was pitched over what some would call a stream.

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Discounts in the Arts for Teens Through TeenTix

Founded in 2004, TeenTix is an awesome program designed to empower teenagers to be more involved and influential in the arts community in Seattle. Any teen between the ages of 13 and 19 can sign up ( to receive a free Teen Tix pass which they can then use to buy $5 day-of-show passes to almost any show or event at any one of TeenTix’s 54 partners!

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