Meet Claire!

Hiking and trying to be trendy

Well hello there friends! My name is Claire and I am one of the four SCA interns working on the In My Backyard project. I am going into my junior year at Santa Clara University and I am an Environmental Science major with a physics emphasis and a Theatre minor. I was born and raised in Seattle which probably contributed to my everlasting love of the outdoors. When I was a kid I would frolic through the vast yard of my childhood home. I loved to watch the wind rush through the trees and feel the rain on my skin. However, if you asked my parents if I was an “outdoorsy”kid they would laugh and say no. I really did love being outside, but whenever we went camping some disaster would strike like the time I managed to get a 102 degree fever in the middle of an 8 mile hike or the time I got hypothermia on one of the San Juan Islands when our tent was pitched over what some would call a stream.

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