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A Place at the Park (APAP)

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A Place at the Park (APAP) was developed with the hope of fostering better relationships between diverse youth and the National Park Service. The foundation of the program is to provide a sense of belonging for young people–particularly those in communities that are underrepresented within the National Park Service–in their federal lands. The APAP program seeks to accomplish this by creating a space for youth to have positive, direct interaction with the park service in order to promote cultural and environmental awareness.


Directly aiding the National Park Service’s mission by facilitating the enjoyment, education, and inspiration of future generations, especially in relation to natural and cultural resources.

Why should I join?

A Place at the Park is a 10-week summer mentorship program hosted by Klondike Gold Rush National Historical Park. Students ages 13-18 who participate in the program will develop an understanding of what it means to belong in our public lands as they explore cultural histories, local ecologies, and personal identity. Students will work closely with college-aged mentors in areas such as college and career planning, resume building, and personal branding. Other activities include:

  • Field trips to Seattle-area cultural sites
  • At least one day hike in the woods
  • Building friendships with like-minded peers
  • A supportive environment for expression
  • Personal creative projects
  • Real talk about college from current students
  • Resume-building and professional skills
  • Get involved with community groups
  • Chance to work closely with park rangers
  • Explore what being in a park means to you!


Below is the application for prospective applicants for the program, A Place at the Park. Applications will be accepted on a rolling basis with a start date of June 26th. Further details and directions for submission can be found in the application: Download Application