Identity with Raquel

I made a mosaic of somethings that bring me joy. The circle is meant to represent the sun and sunflower—one of my favorite flowers, and me is in a heart because I’m learning to love myself. 

going from right top corner, down, and to the left. 

The first image is a logo I designed for my high school environmental science teacher, it’s a delta sign—which means ‘change’ in physics—and it’s to promote the Schools under 2C club, where schools vow to conserve energy to stop global warming. The second image is a piece of art that I initially found when Nina Simone put it on the cover of her album, the song Sinnerman is one of my favorites. The third is rainbow, I like light refraction in physics, along with calculating it. It is also because I’m in the general term of queer but can’t include that in the actual photo for reasons. The fourth image is of frogs and lily pads, my favorite combination ever (I LOVE frogs). The fifth is a photo of the plants I recently bought and keeping alive-hopefully. The sixth is Rosie the riveter—who was based originally on a Black woman in a metal factory during WWII—and is meant to be a symbol for the feminist movement. The seventh in an octopus because I also LOVE them—did you know they have four hearts and their blood is blue? The eight and final image is on a galaxy because I love space and hope to work for NASA or some other really cool space agency. 



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