Eliana’s Story

Hi IMBY, my name is Eliana, and I’m so happy to be here! To tell my story for this week at IMBY, I created a collage to represent myself.

I filled it, to the brim it seems, with images and symbols that represent me. It’s a little hectic to look at, but I think that adds to my story. I love tea, hiking, magic, reading, butterflies, learning, music, volunteering, anime, picnics, and films, to name a few things. I’ve been spending much of my summer playing Animal Crossing, raising money for Yemen, trekking mountains, and making earrings. To put it simply, I’m in love with the world, and I want to experience it to the fullest and help make it a better place.

Since 2018, when I first interned at IMBY, the National Park Service has become more than just a chapter in my story. I can’t wait to continue learning from and creating for the Parks to advocate for art, justice, the environment, and of course, IMBY itself.

Processed with VSCO with m5 preset


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