Finn – 2019 IMBY Intern

Ever since I was 5 or 6, I’ve always loved learning and talking history. I was inspired by the Indiana Jones Movies, I became so fascinated by what happen or where it happened or who lived there for how long.

From learning historical areas to knowing artifacts to studying dinosaurs to studying real events in history. A lot of people say that most of the history I know is military and war history, their kind of right, I do know more major and minor conflicts than most people, but I know events that took place before, during and after war’s. I do have some information on some weapons that were used in those wars, but thats not important (maybe).

I was born in Seattle, but I grew up outside of Seattle, in Duvale to be presice. I grew up in a sub-urban area around lake marcel, a big forest-ish neighborhood. I went to Stillwater elementary school, then I went to tolt middle school where I finished 6th grade before we moved to Seattle. I then finished 7th and 8th grade at eckstein middle school. And recently I finished high school, all four years at Roosevelt high school. And now I’m working at the Klondike and a few other jobs to see what job I’d like to work full-time.


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