Meet Brady!

Brady is currently working towards a degree in Energy and Sustainable Policy at Penn State University. He grew up in Central Pennsylvania, and he originally planned to study business in college until he realized the importance in aligning his studies with his developing passions. Brady enjoyed the outdoors growing up, but it wasn’t until 2017 that he was able to visit Washington and National Parks for the first time. Along with hiking and other outdoor recreation, his trip to Washington inspired him to take a class on Parks and Sustainability and learn more about the natural world. Between 2016 and 2019, Brady experienced a shift in both his studies and his personal life as he began to study sustainability and find more enjoyment in the outdoors. Brady practices meditation and yoga daily, he enjoys exercise (especially outdoors), and he does his best to eat healthy. In his free time he enjoys hiking, playing soccer and basketball, bouldering, people, art, music, exploring, and much more. Brady aims to bring mindfulness to every day, and treat every person as his equal. He is extremely excited to work with IMBY, the NPS, and explore the Northwest!


Written by Brady – 2019 IMBY Mentor

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