Introducing Suzannah!

As a Washington native, I feel grateful to be located in the Puget Sound region which is hugged from all directions by diverse, natural landscapes. Whether it be peering under rocks along the beach to observe the miniature crabs scuttling by, to the winding hikes up into the Cascades to appreciate it’s rugged beauty that rivals even the most picturesque postcards, I have always felt at home here.

In particular, Seattle is driven by a strong environmental ethos, which continually serves as a source of inspiration in my own life. Living in this locale has undoubtedly helped in guiding me towards a future in the environmental field, and led me to the University of Washington, where I earned a degree in Biology and minored in Marine Biology, Environmental Science and Resource Management.

During my time with the National Park Service, I hope to cultivate a strong sense of environmental stewardship for the natural world and to empower youth of all backgrounds to create meaningful change in their own communities.

When not found wandering in nature or a green space, I can be found cooking my way through cookbooks as a way to explore the world from my own home, putting my daydreams onto paper through pencil and paintbrush, and create my own urban oasis with my growing collection of house plants.

Written by Suzannah – 2019 IMBY Mentor

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