Francisco’s Final Reflection

Well A Place at the Park was a really good experience. I got to meet new people from different places and also other people from other communities like Tayler, she is part of the Deaf community. She taught us some sign language, she was also very funny and made it fun to learn.

Everybody had something to teach us, like Shannon was born in Hawaii so like she knows some dances (I forgot what it’s called) and like Camila also told us about some traditional clothing they wear when they do big parties like quinceanera and other parties from her town and its really interesting to learn. Other things we’ve done together at the program is help each other and we kind of became family like everybody was able to trust each other if we need something we will feel comfortable to ask for help.

A really good and memorable experience I had was when we got to learn sign language from Tayler. It was a memorable experience because I didn’t know nothing about sign language it was also very fun to learn. Another experience I had was when we went to the art museum because there was some paintings that looked real nice and old. There was some paintings where you had to download this app Layar you could just face your camera to the painting and you could see it moving and talking it was way better then reading off and also quicker.

Something I wish was different during these 10 weeks was that there was more people in the program I’m sure we can change that by inviting more people to join. We could like tell friends to come and try it and if they don’t like it they can try something else so that’s something I would change. Another thing would be more activities outdoors because since its summer we don’t want to be sitting in chairs all day and it would’ve been more fun is we did things outside for example try to like go out for hikes and like make stops and talk about whatever we have to talk about.


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