Identity by May

I don’t like to put very personal things in my public, especially me, but I guess I can write some basic things about me. So the type of identity I’m going to write about is name identity.

I’m going to start off with my first name. My full first name means “beautiful princess”. My dad was the who named me that. I can’t remember why he named me that, but he did treat me quite like a princess when I was really young. I guess treating me like a princess makes quite spoiled and picky. Now, I’m still picky but not as much as before, and not so spoiled anymore. I don’t buy much useless stuff that is not useful and mostly buys foods and drinks.

Next was my shortened name. I mostly prefer to be called by my shortened name because shorter names are much easier to pronounce than full names. For example, when I was in elementary I always get easily upset whenever some student purposely pronounces my name wrong (they definitely enjoy getting me upset) and I always correct them. What infuriated my young stupid self the most was the switched name. I have the two-in-one name. For example, Mary Jane but both switched places like this: Jane Mary. Pretty stupid to get upset over.

The last one is my nicknames relating to laughter. Yeah, a few of my nicknames is related to the word ‘laughter’ because, of course, I laugh a lot. That’s not the only reason why. I laugh really loud and sometimes creepily. You see, I like to scare my friends and enjoy their reaction (*cough* hypocrite *cough*). So purposely laugh or giggle creepily to creep my friends out. Latex thinks I laugh like a living doll. One of the nicknames that I can share out is the Giggler, my D&D dungeon master nicknamed me that.

There are a lot but I don’t want to go too deep into details so that’s it.


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