Identity by Hana

Many sites define identity as a list of specific characteristics and traits a person has. To me your identity is how you view yourself. It has to do with the characteristics and values you carry. It is shaped through the experiences you encounter.

My name is Hana and I am rising senior at Shorecrest High School. I was born and raised in Seattle, Washington but my family is from Ethiopia. My culture is a huge part of who I am. It provides the basis for my values, language, and beliefs. I highly value the presence of community, hospitality, and the ability to connect to people through a different language.

My identity also lies in the things I do. I love bike riding, hiking, and literally anything outdoors. Another thing I like to do is spend my time with kids. I am a youth mentor at the Bureau of Fearless Ideas (BFI). Much of my time is spent tutoring, mentoring, and creating programs for these kids. I’ve been a part of BFI for almost the past 8 years; not only as a mentor but as a student there too. BFI taught me the importance of giving back to your community and has encouraged my passion to serve others.

Lastly my identity lies within my family and friends. They have a great influence on the decisions I make or actions I follow through with. They encourage me to grow and become a better person. They show me different perspectives and provide different outlooks on a variety of matters. They have shaped the person that I’ve become.


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