Identity by Francisco

Hello! I would like to talk to you about my culture and community. Well to get started, in my culture there are many things: for example, we party and people dance a lot. Everyone has fun most of the time, but the only bad thing is that at the end we have to clean and its usually around 3 am that we finish cleaning.

In my culture, we have a lot of stories that are told to us by older people. The stories are mostly about previous experiences they have had in the past. The message for us is not to make the same mistakes and to do better in life.

In my community I’m part of a basketball team. I’ve been playing with them for two years already so I see them more like brothers now and its actually really fun because we hangout. What we do most of the time is practice and getting better. Also, I played for a football team for 3 years straight! It was also very fun because we would always scrimmage against each other. In one game, we played one of the best teams in the state and we lost by one point!!! We made history and ever since we started to travel more because other teams wanted to play us now!


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