Tayler’s SMART Goals

My goals, the next step after graduating high school have been set in my mind and heart ever since I started high school. I’ve decided I want to major in Deaf Studies, ASL, Education and theatre at Gallaudet University, (the only Deaf University in the world).

I am good with people. I love teaching people. I love interaction. I love inspiring people. I love seeing people grow from learning. I love expressing myself on stage. I love being able to be creative. I love seeing it all. That’s why it makes sense for me to major in those fields.

I have always worked hard to get to where I need to go in life because there’s always going to be barriers on my way. I just have to take them down and keep going. I always try to maintain a positive mindset because if I believe in myself, that’s going to take me far in life.

By Tayler – National Park Service Intern

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