May’s SMART Goals

My goal is to be a monster hunter. Yes, that’s my main goal. The reason why I want to be a monster hunter is because of my first time, hopefully not the last, witnessing a monster.

When I was a freshman, I was buying something from Bartell Drugs and the usual route I take is under construction so I have to take a longer route. I have to go around Bartell Drugs which is a small slope up, turning right, and down the small slope. When I got up to the top of the slope, I usually look around the surrounding that is new. I looked to the left and saw it. It looked like the Rake from a Creepypasta story. The creature’s skin is gray like the Greys. The body is so lanky, anorexic and hairless. The claws aren’t as long as the Rake but still longer than it should have been. The creature was walking up to what seems to be an abandoned building. I was surprised at seeing it up close. Not as close as arms reach but as like on a different side of the sidewalk. Fortunately, the creature seems it did not notice me because it didn’t stop and look at me, it just kept walking until it disappeared behind a truck. Surprisingly enough, I wasn’t scared. Just shocked at seeing it. I wanted to go after the creature but I’m more concerned about my own safety. So I just walked away, looking back a few times to see if it is following.*

Some skeptic thinks the creature is a dog. Yeah, sure. It did walk on both arms and legs but it did not walk like a dog, not to mention that it has hands and feet like a human.

I know it is going to take a long time for me to become a monster hunter. Heck, I might become 60 years old when I become a monster hunter, but I know will accomplish my goal. Just need to work a lot harder. Hopefully, I might see the creature again.

By May – National Park Service Intern

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