May’s First Blog Post

My memory is a bit blurry since I am writing on July 10, 4 days later, but I still remember a lot of stuff.

Last Friday, I was able to hang out with my friends because every time my friends and I scheduled to hang out it would be canceled three times. My friends, let’s call them Deadpool and Goatman (because one of them is obsessed with Deadpool and the other has a goatee), and I mostly hang out at Deadpool’s apartment with his grandfather, Chill. It was the usual hang out; play video games, eating Chill’s homecooked food, playing a Halo-like roleplay, and talk about some really odd topics (e.g. quantum physics). Sometimes we go to the “nerd shop” (we usually call the Golden Age Collectables that) in the Pike Place Market.

Since I’m an early bird, I’m mostly one to arrive at Deadpool’s apartment first. I was escorted into the building by Chill. After being let into their studio, I showed Deadpool my new nerf gun, the Modulus. After inspecting and trying out my nerf gun, we went to play Minecraft next. While crafting, Deadpool informed me that two new people are coming over. I don’t know much about those two even though my friends and I eat lunches with them during school or have classes with them. Eh, I’ll call them Sleepy and Rose (because Sleepy sleeps a lot during class. Rose? Eh, I just feel like calling her that). Sleepy is Goatman’s little brother (my school doesn’t have a specific time for specific grade students so we usually see Freshman, Sophomore, Junior, and Senior students in one class). Goatman and Sleepy will be arriving late (they didn’t specify what time they’ll be coming) and Rose will be arriving at 5 PM. I arrived at about 9-10 AM so this is going to take a while.

Deadpool wanted to play a different game, so he introduced me to a list of games on his Xbox; Just Cause 3, Hitman, Halo 4 and 5, Fallout 4, and few more. There’s a Deadpool game but ironically is unavailable. There is a game that he recently bought and catches my interest, the 2016 DOOM. I heard about DOOM before but didn’t take an interest until now. It’s about a super soldier destroying demons on Mars. So I chose that game and got started. This wasn’t his first time playing DOOM so he was good at it. I observed how he controls the controller and the enemies in DOOM. Once he is done in the first stage, he teaches me how to use the controller. I got the hang of it and immediately enjoyed the game, even though I was cursing, telling those demons to die, and laughing maniacally a lot whenever I’m trying to kill them or when I’m close to dying. Forgot to mention that it’s M rated, which means there’s going to be lots of gore. We died a lot so whenever we die or finish the stage, we switch controllers. Same goes for next game we played (except for stages), Just Cause 3. The game is about a mercenary going against a government. However, when I play this game I just crash into cars, shoot soldiers and civilian, and blow up bridges. I enjoy seeing Deadpool’s displeasure look whenever I destroy a very nice car and driving horribly. Finally, Deadpool wanted to play Halo 4. Even though I didn’t want to play it since I’m not good with PVP (player vs player), he got me into playing it. There are many types of PVP in Halo 4, but he wants the ones he hasn’t played before. This game is confusing! We have to make our own fort which is hard because we don’t know how to set a fort we want and the controller for setting up is not helping! We just gave up and started to destroy each. It ended with us dying at the same time.

Goatman and Sleepy have arrived at about 3 PM. Then we went to the nerd shop, not wanting to wait for Rose because she texted us that she will be arriving at 5 PM. However, the nerd shop closes at 6 PM so we went there. Goatman bought a roleplaying game called Shadowrun. We left to get food from Dick’s Drive-In. We all bought our food except for Goatman. Turns out he only has $20 on him and spend it on the Shadowrun which cost about $19.

After we came back from Capitol Hill, Rose has finally arrived at about 6 or 7 PM When we hang out, we usually leave at 9 PM. She only has 2-3 hours left. Anyway, we all except Sleepy played Halo 4 in PVP mode. Well, more like team players vs one player. Deadpool is a pro at Halo 4 and we’re all noobs. So it’s Goatman, Rose, and I against Deadpool. Of course, he won every round despite the number of people trying to kill him. I remember Deadpool saying that I’m able to go up against him in Halo 4. Especially the time where Goatman and Latex (one of our friends that is unable to come and she does a lot of special effect makeups) were trying to kill Deadpool. Every time they tried to kill Deadpool, he always would kill them before they could. So when I switch place with Latex, I defeated Deadpool. They went ballistic seeing that I killed Deadpool. I think the reason why I was able to kill him was that of the one-hit kill energy sword. So, yeah. Back to the main part. We did kill him a bunch of times, but not as much compared to him killing us. Few rounds later, I quit and handed to Sleepy. He doesn’t know how to use the controller so he’s a complete noob. As they were playing, Deadpool mentioned that it’s much easier to kill them with me not playing. I did a kill rank on everyone; Rank #1: Deadpool, Rank #2: Me, Rank #3: Goatman, Rank #4: Rose (she was able to kill Deadpool once), Rank #5: Sleepy.

Rose drew all of us in a cartoon form. The way I see a drawing of us is… Odd. Goatman and I look like we’re married and are parents (which I made disgusted noise mentioning that), Sleepy looking like a creepy uncle, Rose looks like the main character’s friend(?), and Deadpool looks like a stalker… I have an odd interpretation. Sleepy left leaving Goatman, Rose, and I to stay a little longer. Deadpool, Goatman, and I decided to play the Halo roleplay while Rose watches. Long story short, I died and Goatman went off to somewhere. Finally, everybody went home.

By May – National Park Service Intern

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