India’s SMART Goals

A couple of weeks ago I was at the mall with my mom and sister. We figured we’d go into Lush to goof around and smell things. What I wasn’t expecting when we walked in is that I would leave with a new job opportunity and SMART goal.

The salesperson gave me a lot of useful pointers and suggestions, and made me feel welcome even before I knew I could apply. My SMART goal for personal sustainability is to (S) make an effort to be more eco-conscious (M) in order to get a job at Lush (A) by making easy, effective steps (R) that I can complete on my own (T) by the end of the year.

Some of the steps I will take are taking shorter showers and recycling more plastic bottles. In my house, we recently put a recycling bin in our bathroom, which has encouraged us to recycle more because we no longer have to bring each individual bottle downstairs all the time. I will also use products with less or eco-friendly packaging. With Seattle enacting the plastic straw and utensil ban, “plastic” and “compostable” have been two buzzwords on everybody’s minds, including my own. Due to this, I, like much of the city, am being extra cautious about the choices I make in terms of the products I use.

My SMART goal is not only to benefit myself but will also contribute to the growing effort to improve the quality of everyone’s life on this planet. The 50% employee discount would be a nice plus too!


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