Hana’s SMART Goals

My SMART goals for APAP are to become more aware of environmental issues and create a scrapbook filled with pictures of all the memories we’ve shared. I would also like to share all the knowledge I’ve gained from the program with others.

By becoming more aware of the environmental issues that we face today I can educate others, specifically children, about them. Kids are the next generation and have the power to change the world that we live in. If they are introduced to environmental studies at a young age, they can develop the skills needed to preserve the environment. Thinking about the environment will become part of their daily routine. As far as it goes for my goal of creating a scrapbook, I would like to preserve memories that we’ve shared throughout the program in one book. I want to have a physical reminder of all the information that has been introduced to me. This scrapbook will not only keep APAP’s memories alive but gather a collection of thoughts and concepts surrounding the environmental issues that we’ve discussed.


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