Finding a Place to Be

Being 18 years old: the divide between childhood and adulthood. Transitioning from a young-adult to adult-hood hit me like Seattle’s bipolar weather in the fall. One moment I was wandering around with my orca pass in my pocket funded by the Seattle Public Schools, then all of a sudden I’m driving my own car, working my first job and graduating from high school.

Growing up is always a challenge when you have an interesting thirst for freedom. The thought of independence is overwhelming without actions taken. Thus, I take actions and figure things out. I landed a dining services job at Skyline at First Hill my junior year of high school  and saved up a few bucks to buy my first car. To me, this was one of my biggest accomplishments because I always wanted to drive around and go places but without my parent’s intervention.

It’s always been that way. I’ve always had a great moral compass growing up and nobody had to tell me right from wrong. I stayed away from negative and long lasting habits (which is a handy practice to follow). With such practice comes a sense of responsibility. With a basis of responsibility comes the greater privileges such as driving a car.

Currently, enjoying my summer vacation after graduating high school and looking forward to attending the University of Washington in the fall. I have so much more in life to figure out and I have so much more to produce. It’s just a matter of “never settling for no less”( than your worth).  

By Twinny – National Park Service Intern

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