Mattie – Who I Am

I am a senior at the University of Washington pursuing my Bachelors in Landscape Architecture with a minor in Environmental Science and Resource Management. Born and raised in Spokane, Washington I grew up exploring and running wild through the pine forests of the Inland Northwest where I developed a deep love for the outdoors. Recognizing the impact the natural world has had on my own becoming, I am interested in exploring other people’s relationship to nature and how their experiences or lack thereof have influenced their personal lives, their participation in society, and their views of the world.

Having previous experience as a housekeeper, floral designer, and toddler teacher, I look forward to my next adventure: working with the IMBY team for a few short months. Over the summer I am also taking a Landscape Architecture studio at UW where I will work with colleagues and a local artist to create a design plan for City Hall Park.  In my spare time I hope to spend some time on the water and exploring all Seattle has to offer.



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