Hi, Rose!

Hey Everyone! My name is Rose and I am a sophomore at Seattle University majoring in Environmental Studies. Growing up in the beautiful countryside of Colorado with a family that loves road trips, I had the opportunity to explore countless national parks all across the country. When I moved to Bellevue, Washington five years ago, I was struck by how the scenery compared to my home in the southwest and it made me realize the beauty in every landscape. WDSCN1914hile there is much that I miss about my home in Colorado, the part I miss most is experiencing all 4 seasons. From the hot summer, to the beautiful colors of fall, to the snowy winters and the stormy springs, I love every season. I am passionate about the outdoors and being in nature and aspire to protect its beauty for generations to come. Growing up, I have enjoyed exploring many national parks all over the country, two of my favorites being Bryce Canyon and Rocky Mountain National Park.

My hobbies include hiking through enchanted forests or rock formations with my Border Collie/Australian Cattle dog named Daisy, playing volleyball or tennis, and determinedly learning pieces of music on the piano. In addition to working alongside the In My Backyard cohort this summer, I also work at Starbucks where I enjoy crafting beverages and making people’s days a little better with cheerful greetings and of course our famous coffee and tea.

National parks have the space and beauty to inspire anyone who sets foot in any of these refuges. I’m so excited to work with the In My Backyard interns this summer and to progress toward our ulti13833314_10154351926016506_1823579004_omate goal of extending resources to urban youth and expanding their access to these amazing natural and cultural preserves. During this internship, I’ve also had the opportunity to work downstairs in the visitor center of Klondike Gold Rush National Historical Park and experience being Ranger Rose at the front desk. I enjoy greeting visitors and getting a taste for what the park ranger life is like.

A couple of my favorite outdoor moments include a few years ago when my family went on a vacation in Costa Rica. We went on a river raft tour guided by a local and saw many fascinating animals up close including a sloth and several monkeys. We also saw two crocodiles that jumped in the river upon being startled by our proximity to them. Another favorite outdoor moment of mine was when my family was in Shenandoah National Park in Virginia and we witnessed from the side of the road a mama black bear followed by three baby black bears climbing down a tree. One of the strangest foods I have ever tried was rattlesnake. While a younger version of me was very skeptical about eating a snake, it ended up tasting just like chicken.

If I could travel to any place in the world, it would probably be either the Galapagos Islands or Fiji. Both places are beautiful from pictures and are rich and diverse in plant and animal life. While growing up I didn’t have a specific “dream job,” I have always felt drawn to animals and the environment. I enjoy visiting my aunt, uncle and cousin in southern Washington where they breed Bernese Mountain Dogs and have a picturesque view all around. My favorite days or moments are when I am able to soak in the beauty of nature no matter how close or far away. Whether hiking in a national park or capturing a glimpse of Mount Rainier on a clear day, I love every moment.

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