SAM: That’s My Jam.


After grabbing some delicious coffee and breakfast at Caffe Ladro, the In My Backyard team made their way to the Seattle Art Museum (SAM). I say the In My Backyard team because almost all of the team member went, instead of just the interns. This was our first museum trip with so large of a crew and it was to get to see everyone and have fun together. When entering the SAM, the first thing that you will notice is the white cars, filled with exciting light fixtures, hanging from the ceiling. The fixture is quite the spectacle.

After collecting our tickets, we split up to wander the various exhibits in the museum. The museum had a cool air flowing through it that provided an escape from the summer heat, while the silence of museum goers created a peaceful atmosphere for contemplation. There are many exhibits currently on display at the . One of the summer-only exhibits is titled, “Modernism in the Pacific Northwest: the Mythic and the Mystical.” This exhibit displays the work of four artists from the Pacific Northwest during the 1930s-1940s. I found the pieces of art in this exhibit particularly interesting because they had a connection to my own backyard. That’s a very cheesy thing to say. I know and I am sorry, but it is true. For example, there was a piece that displayed the going-ons of Pike Place Market and there was a painting that illustrated the rain. These pieces felt familiar to me despite never having seen them before. There are also other temporary exhibits on display such as “Deco Japan: Shaping Art and Culture 1920-1945,” and “From Abstract Expression to Colored Planes.” The art at SAM is stunning and it is enjoyable simply to wander the quiet halls, but the main attraction for youth are the cool programs that the museum provides. SAM teen programs range from making art to event planning, so most peoples interests WP_20140806_006are accounted for.

Claire’s Pro Tip of the day: In the museum there is a painting of Venus, the Roman goddess of Love and Adonis. In the bottom left of the painting is Cupid that forced the two to fall in love. His face is priceless. I actually laughed out loud alone in the museum. I must have looked insane. Warning: no one I showed this to actually found it funny (except Sophie), but IT IS.


  •    Art Lab- during Free First Thursday events the SAM occasionally hosts a free art lab for teens. At the art lab you will learn cool new art skills and work one on one with local artists.
  •    Teen Arts Group- “Thursdays, 4–6:30 pm & select Saturdays

TAG is an intensive program for high school–aged youth who are interested in leadership, are highly opinionated, want to learn about themselves and the world through art, and want to make SAM fun and engaging for teens. Participants receive community-service learning credit.” Applications can be found of the SAM website.

  •    Teen Night Out- “Planned for teens by teens! The​se ​not-to-be-missed evenings include some of Seattle’s hottest DJs, teen art tours, live music performances, workshops, and art-making activities led by Seattle’s celebrated contemporary artists. FREE!”
  •    First Thursdays- “On the first Thursday of every month high school–aged youth get free entrance to the entire museum including the special exhibitions. Just show your student ID. Make sure to check the calendar for teen-only drop-in art activities and workshops on select First Thursdays.​​”
  •    Teen Tix- $5 dollar tickets with TeenTix card
  •    Transportation-“interested in attending Teen Night Out or a Teen Workshop with your class, after-school program, or community center? SAM can charter a bus or van to take you and your group to and from​ the event.”- Details can be found on the SAM .

Cost Breakdown: Teen: $5 with Teen Tix, $1.25-2.50 bus fare


Klondike Gold Rush NHP: walk or catch pretty much any bus northbound
Ballard: 15, 18, 40
West Seattle: C line, 50 to 120 or 125
Capitol Hill: 45, 43, 255
Columbia City: 7 or 9 or Link lightrail
Bellevue: 210, 212, 215, 554

– Claire Parchem 

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