ORIC – Information Right at REI

WP_20140724_004People who shop at REI tend to be outdoorsy (obviously), but it turns out that the Seattle REI – being the flagship – also attracts a lot of tourists right from the airplanes who are planning outdoors trips through the USA. A couple showed up from France planning a bike trip down the West Coast. A Polish man showed up seeking out biking directions around Seattle.

Some folks showed up planning to climb Mt. Rainier, while others just wanted a suggestion for a hiking trip that’s kid friendly around Seattle. No matter what the question was or how knowledgable the customer already was, David and Ed had all the answers. When people asked about burn bans or road closures, they knew exactly where to find the right information, and when people needed to contact specific ranger stations around Washington, David was able to quickly write down the phone number without even having to look it up.

RIC really is a fantastic resource for any Seattlite wanting to get outside and I highly recommend that people utilize their huge amount of knowledge. However, it is definitely advisable to visit them in person. They will return your phone call when they get a chance, but the sheer volume of visitors means that it might take a while. Also, their vast supply of maps and information are great to see in person. Plus, you get to visit REI, which is sort of like Disney World for those of us that enjoy the outdoors!


From Klondike – Bus #s 590, 594, or 595
From Ballard – Bus # 40
From Columbia City – Bus #s 7 or 9
From West Seattle – C line
From the U-District – Bus #70

Cost – $1.25-$2.50 (Bus) or FREE (walking/biking)

Natasha Way, SCA Intern

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